Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers are critically acclaimed in publications such as No Depression, Too Much Love, and Neufutur. You can find our EPK here.

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Featured Reviews

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No Depression - Mindy McCall

“If you’re looking for sizzling summer blues with a touch of Americana and rock n’ roll harmonies, Molly Hanmer and the Midnight Tokers have you covered in their single ‘Fool’s Run,’ the first from their highly anticipated album Stuck in a Daydream.”

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Too Much Love Magazine - John McCall

“Molly Hanmer’s new recording with The Midnight Tokers in tow solidifies her reputation as one of the best singers/interpreters working the indie scene today. Stuck in a Daydream features a dozen songs of superior skill and quality and never panders for listener’s attention. Instead, stylishness and gravitas combine with immense musicality to bring this release together and it easily rates as one of the most satisfying releases I’ve heard in 2018.”

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NeuFutur - Kim Muncie

“Too often musicians working in the Americana vein will opt for glossy over authentic, but you don’t get any of that with Molly Hanmer. Her vocal and musical skills are unquestionable, but she also clearly pushes herself to dig as deep into a song as she can and isn’t afraid to put herself on the line.”

More Reviews

  • Monterey Weekly - Adam Joseph

    “Los Angeles-based outfit Molly Hanmer & the Midnight Tokers’ November 2018 full-length debut Stuck in a Daydream is a tapestry of liquid acid-Americana depicting a velvet sea of folk, blues and good old rock and roll.”

  • Gashouse Radio - Sebastian Cole

    “If you love Americana and blues with its own identity, you will find yourself revisiting this album on a regular basis without any measurable disappointment. It’s a real winner.”

  • Vents Magazine - Lori Reynolds

    “Stuck in a Daydream jettisons Molly Hanmer out into the public eye, placing her gorgeous, unique rock n’ roll for all of the world to see. There’s not one bad song here and her and her band’s focus combining together so many different styles of music is immaculate.”

  • IndiePulse Music - Mindy McCall

    “Hanmer doesn’t hesitate to draw you in and simply keep you there for the duration with everything from her great skills to her sense of humor being all she needs.”

  • No Depression - Mindy McCall

    “Molly Hanmer is a premiere musician and then some, not only with a voice of gold, but is also an awesome songwriter with an exceptional band behind her, The Midnight Tokers, and you never know what to expect from their textured shadows.”

  • Mobangeles - Michael Rand

    “Hanmer’s voice alone is worth the price of admission, with a melancholy sound that draws you and keeps you there for the whole song with some fantastic lyrics to top it off.”

  • - Heather Savage

    “…this is a far-ranging effort that feels thoroughly modern despite its pedigree and shows a cadre of stellar songwriting and playing talents working at or near the peak of their powers.”

  • The Hype Magazine

  • Beehive Candy - Micra

  • Americana Daily